Most Usable, Free Photos and Videos Manipulating and Sharing iPhone Apps

by Joe on October 31, 2014 in App Marketing

Sharing iPhone Apps

There are many photo and videos sharing iPhone apps that are free and still being most usable for users no matter if they are open source or not. Since they are most usable they are in great demand and their developers are earning lots of profit. Here listing few of the apps that are most usable as per iPhone users download them from iTune app stores.


Instagram app works for both iPhones and also for iPads. And is being in continuous development since the time it was launched that is in 2010. At present there are more than 200 million user’s love and use instagram thoroughly. This app is to take snap and share the moments with the world using iPhone. It allows users to customize videos along with photos with variety of features and built in filters and flexibility. So users can easily share their memorable moments with their friends and family with lots of flexibility and transformations.

With a single click of a button users can follow their friends and get feeds of their friends, what they have shared or send or posts. Users are able to see their close friends’ videos, photos and are able to meet to creative people around the world every time they open this app. This app comes with lots of features like it is free and all its filters and custom designs are also free. It is compatible with other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, foursquare. Users are free to add their social networking accounts with Instagram. And there is no limit for uploads. Users are allowed to upload unlimited photos and videos and share it with their friends directly or can also share it with world. The best part is it support full front and back camera of iPhone.


This app is published by Google and is widely used to upload and share videos over the cloud. There is already a vast range of videos are available on the YouTube data store, users are allowed to search and watch videos they want. They can become master chef by watching and learning various cooking recipes, or can become good in dance or can make themselves fit and fine by watching exercise and aerobics videos on YouTube app. They can learn Kung Fu or whatever they want and also they can share their uploaded videos with their friends and with public too if they want.

iPhone Developers are Free to Integrate these apps in their new Applications

The best part for iPhone app developers and users is that such photo editing and sharing apps can be included as a feature in another iPhone apps, this let developers to focus on real business interest and not on developing feature which are already exist as another app.

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