The iOS8: The Biggest and Best Changes to the App Store Coming in Fall 2014!

by Joe on July 22, 2014 in App Development, App Marketing

Changes to the App Store Coming in 2014

Apple recently announced the latest overhaul to the iTunes store coming in fall 2014. Apple is giving the App Store a makeover to stay with the latest trends. Some of the new features will include “trending applications”, App Bundles, continuous scrolling, video previews, and more. The new App store is being created with the mobile user in mind as there is a new “Explore” tab that will allow you to find the apps and information you want based on category and subcategory. One of the major changes is the continuous scroll. This feature is a major performance improvement with the App Store as it helps you quickly navigate through the store. Here are some of the things you need to know about the [new app store and iOS8 updates].

App Bundles and Video Previews

One of the big changes to look forward to is the new app bundle feature. This is great as developers can create an “app bundle”, making it easier to market them to the right audience. Downloading an entire set of Apps can help users save on the total cost instead of buying each app individually. Video previews will be available to help people view the app before they buy it. Having the ability to view the apps before you buy will save you a lot of money as you can end up buying apps that you never use. If you love an app, you can use the video share feature to put it out on social media and other sites to encourage your friends to download it. When you have an app you want to play with friends, the best way to share it with others is by using social media. The top apps will get an Editor’s Choice logo to help you find the best apps.

Family Sharing Feature

One of the best features to come out of the new iOS8 system is the family share feature. What is so unique about this? With this option you can download a single app and share it with the others that are on your family plan. Not only will you be able to share the apps, you can share other things as well like videos, photos, calendars, and other reminders. For this feature to work, you need to have the same payment card details on all the accounts with the sharing plan. Parents will love this new feature as you can view your children’s app purchases and approve them before they can download them. This is a great way to know what your kids are doing with their phone, without the extra need to physically check your phone.

Trending Searches

A lot of people play around in the app store to find some of the latest and greatest apps. The “Trending Searches” section is a great option to help people that are looking for the latest and greatest apps on the market. The trending feature is great as you can view the top apps right now, not the app store chart rankings. The new software changes will have a big impact for developers as they seek to create and market new apps to their target audience.

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