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There has been a tremendous escalation of Android App development, predominantly in the sphere of enterprises. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy is being brought by the endeavors to contract with their clients and employees. Both patrons as well as enterprises have preferred Android as their primary choice and the evidence is that over 85,000 mobile gadgets a day are being made active by Google.

In this world of enterprise, Android is receiving a lot of recognition and footing. With reference to the infinite occasions for modernization by Android, enterprises are moving more and hardening their BYOD policy to also comprise their android gadgets. Some of the chief concerns regarding the enterprises are safety measures and leveraging its protection framework.

Another chief concern of enterprise safety is encryption. Throughout the creation of enterprise targeted mobile solutions, endeavor interacts with the requirement for encryption and generates solutions that adhere to business compliances and company policies.

Android is an Operating System which is open source that can be utilized to work on scalable design on a range of devices. There has been an advancement of Android in it’s an assortment of versions: Ice cream sandwich 4.0, Honeycomb 3.0, Gingerbread 2.3, each working on their own exclusive characteristics.

There is a two sided strategy on which android development panel works:

  • Developing surety that all Android apps on every OS platform and all gadgets have common compatibility.
  • Devise solutions to watch out issues of prospect compatibility ensuing from fresh android versions or tools guiding them.

Widget formation is one of the specialties in Android App development. It leverages the intrinsic potentials of platforms to produce inventive mobile solutions.
Android is one of the most extensively used OS in the entire world. It now functions on one out of every two mobile phones and tablet computers in the world. This operating system has eye witnessed remarkable growth with millions of different apps for the use and entertainment of patrons.

Android app development is the procedure by which new apps for the Android operating system are developed. Generally the Applications are created in the Java programming language that utilizes the Android SDK (Software Development kit). But at present, other tools are furthermore presented for an Android application development expert.

By July 2014, over 1 million apps have been developed for Android with above 25 million downloads. Research in the year 2012 found that more than 67% of smart phone developers used the Android platform.

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