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by Joe on October 29, 2014 in Apple

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Yes, free iPhone apps are available on iTune App Store and here putting them in list of popularity which is based on downloads by iPhone users all over the world. Only free iPhone apps are being considered here to make the list.


The most popular app is ‘PhotoMath’ iPhone app which is also compatible to iPad. It is highly popular among teachers and students. What it does is calculate and display the result of mathematical expression which is present in front of iPhone’s camera. So you just need to put the camera in front of mathematical equation or expression and this app will show the accurate result of that expression. Even the app provides a facility to see step by step solution of equation or expression by pressing the step button.

It is first camera calculator of the whole world. Students and children use it to learn maths and to play with mathematical expression rather than wasting their time in playing worthless games. While this app is useful for parents too, they can use PhotoMath to check and verify their kids’ maths solutions and homework. It is quite similar to have a maths teacher in your pocket, 24X7. Just one crucial point to note here for this app is that it doesn’t support hand written text, only printed expression may be from textbooks are workable for this app till now.

Facebook Messenger

The second most popular app on iTunes app store is ‘Facebook Messenger’ , facebook is well known to each and every person of the world who use internet and facebook is providing now its mobile app known as facebook messenger for almost all mobile platforms weather it is android or iOS. With this app users can easily interact and connect with their dear ones through free voice messages, texts, group chats, photos and even phone calls via this free and standard app which suits and integrates well iOS.

It allows users to reach people in their life who are not just facebook friend but also people present in their phone book. Users are just needed to add a phone number to add new contact then they are connected with new person through this messenger and are free to use any of the facility this messages app provides.

New Words with Friends

It is one of the worlds most popular and most played mobile word game. It is a full of fun, social and free word game where user’s skills are tested. Users are allowed to sharpen their skills at anytime and anywhere with a facility of offline solo play. Or users can also compete with their compatible opponent for them by searching an opponent in Community match.

So there were few most popular iPhone apps used by most of the iPhone and iPad users.

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