A Hot Battle between Android and iOS

by Joe on November 21, 2014 in App Development

Android and iOS

There is a continuing discussion in blogosphere concerning who is better –Android or iOS app developmet? Every titbit of competitive information turns it the source of a cyclone of further conjecture. Android application development has definitely caught up with Apple’s, both have roughly the similar quantity of third-party apps. Some researchers say that Apple, with its quality of applications, is a little ahead while others state Google to be the superior. But this is childish to enclose such data obsession, particularly in isolation; rather, having an apparent idea of where top two mobile OS of the world stand with respect to many data points will grant cynics as well as level-heads some food for thought.

Apple comprises iOS just with the, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, while Google let the Android on any quantity of different gadgets. Both OS have arrived a long way since their establishment, but chasing on which one is better out of the two mobile OS is the best can prove to be complicated.

Android is in much demand since it consist flexible features in comparison to iOS. It can be accessed on any browser, be it Google Chrome anything else. On the other hand, iOS makes use of mobile safari as the chief browser with further browsers.

Key differences
According to the user’s perspective, both Android and iOS are nearly the same. Both appear with widgets, having multitasking feature and are somewhat stable as well as secure. Conversely, from the app developer’s perspective, there are noteworthy differences between them.

Most significantly the main difference is the programming language which is used. iOS utilizes Java and Android utilizes C in its objective edition. There are a lot of flame wars around the internet debating which platform is superior; we declare it is a tie. The fact is that both arrive with decent app framework, and there is a huge quantity of documentation for both the languages.

In addition, there are a countless amount of different development tools as well as 3rd party libraries existing turning the entire development procedure into a swift ride. With that being stated, it is actually up to you if you prefer Apple or Google, or more specifically Java language or objective C.

Hardware: There is one key distinction between Android and iOS. The latter is coupled absolutely to the iPad, while the earlier is open to numerous manufacturers to employ. This implies that the iOS and iPad are indivisible. This concludes in far less option when it comes to accessible models to purchase, and also far less price options. However, the choices that are on the marketplace, are all good quality as well as there is no denying that the company accountable for both the hardware as well as the software has done an outstanding job of binding them together flawlessly.

In contrast, Android is featured in the tablets of a broad series of manufacturers. From Samsung to Motorola, you have quite a lot more freedom to select a tablet which satisfies your precise specifications as well as wallet. This does signify you have to be more cautious though. Some of the manufacturers have twisted Android for its better, while some may not work as perfectly and may still be based on older releases of Android.

Being an intelligent business person, earlier than deciding any platform for your business application, try to obtain as much information as feasible concerning your customers as well as their preferences. Per Square Media can help you to do so with the best Android and iOS app development team.

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