Is iOS8 a Challenge for Developers? – But Not at all for Melbourne iPhone app Developers

by Joe on November 5, 2014 in Apple

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Every year Apple is releasing a new version of its mobile operating system (OS) with more maturity, capabilities and features than that of previous ones. IOS7 released last year led iPhone app developers and designers to redesign their apps made for previous versions to fit with the new aesthetic of Apple, which was really a nervy undertaking for some.

However this year iOS8 release came with bigger challenge which is mostly centred on functionalities. This release came with more than 4,000 brand new APIs for developers which allow iOS developers to get more functionalities and tasks easily with APIs help. So now it is totally dependent on iPhone app developers to take more and more advantage of these new APIs and also not forget the old ones to develop and implement iPhone apps. It may needed that iPhone app developers need to rethink their flow chart of development or their app’s affinity and harmony within the entire iOS field and scope. It is considered as a challenge by many developer as a large amount of libraries are added and so developers need to explore all of them together and use wisely when needed.

Understanding and Using New Technologies

So with this new addition of enormous APIs developers need to explore them and use them best whenever and wherever these APIs can work and reduce iPhone add developer’s efforts. Melbourne iPhone app developer are best in learning new things, exploring and understanding about new ideas, new and different ways and working on current technologies. So addition of new large amount of libraries is not at all a challenge for app developers, rather it is something they enjoy a lot. As they all enjoy exploring new things related to their work, they are actively apprehending as well as learning about these new APIs and searching different ways to use them best.

iPhone app developers have been exploring and configured many big and small things related to these APIs and following them to use the new launched APIs as much as they can. They understood that now Apple has allowed everything to talk with everything. Now developers can look into deep details and have access to deep information transparently. It is a bit more complex for iPhone app developers and companies, not just a bigger challenge for them.

Things are No More Straightforward

With new features like Continuity and Handoff apps are no more remained isolated that can function on their own guarded shield little bubble, things are a bit less ingenious now. Developers need to take special care about an app working from iPad to Mac to iPhone. This is not a austere task, iPhone app developers need to take sophisticated efforts and care for same.

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