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by Joe on November 13, 2014 in App Development

Mobile App Branding

The job of an Android or iPhone app developer does not terminate when their output is released. The new application should be thought- regarding a product that has got that is required to be attractive for the potential customers. No one would download your application if they are doing not grip what it is. One problem application developers overlook is that the shortage of advertising budget. Most of the times, app developers spend most of their funds on the event. Very less is left for all other things such as promoting after that. Then again advertising your product is practicable, in spite of the powerful resources.

Following are some ways through which you can market your app in a successful way:


If you will ask me that what is the primary thing that an app developer require to make sure that their app brand is successful? Then my answer would be: “Keep focusing on target audience”.
Targeted audience is the essential part of your business since they are the creator or destroyer of your business. So keep an eye on their actual needs and demands.

In-app Marketing

There are a number of mobile app marketing models in order to monetize the software like affiliate programs, in-app advertisements, In-App Purchases and the like.

Social Media integration

Introduction of your application with social networks such Facebook and Twitter. Make use of Twitter like a tool for natives to talk in relation to your creation as well as gain visibility for enhanced sales. Get better conversations through exclusive worth of the product.

Give out the promos

Apple permits iPhone application developers to download an utmost of 50 app promo codes, which the iTunes Store agree to. Of course, you are required to spread the word regarding this limited quantity of promo codes on your Twitter or Facebook pages. This is one of the approaches to generate a buzz. You can let know your friends concerning the promo codes and request them to extend the word. The objective is to put together as many people as you are capable of, be familiar with your product, even if not all of them will ultimately purchase it.


When you wish to launch your app, or previously existing in the market and you desire to maximize publicity in order that new customers can download it days, weeks or even months subsequent to the launch.

Write a press release

One more additional approach to generate a buzz is to write press releases regarding your new app. Make certain that it is attractive and engaging. Tell the world with reference to your new product, for instance, inform readers about its fascinating features. After that, direct them to your blog or website at the end of the article.

Make sure that your app is unique, exciting, enjoyable, polished and remarkable. With the intention that once it gets noticed, it could effortlessly climb the featured, favourites or best pages on the apps store. This will additionally increase the time that your app will stay on top. And you can get this done by the android or iPhone app developers of Per Square Media, the best place for app development.

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