The Symbol App gets media attention!

by psmedia on August 5, 2013 in Android, Media, Our Work

THE is the #1 used word in our English language.  And in this digital age where character counts can mean a misinterpreted tweet or an extra SMS charge, saving a couple of characters can be quite helpful.  That’s what our client Paul Mathis thought when he came to us with his idea to create a keyboard app with his new symbol.

Now available for Android phone, THE Keyboard App delivers a simple replacement keyboard for your device but with the main feature of a quick “Ћ” key.  Other versions of the app are available and have even more quick shortcut keys.

Is Paul trying to get his new “Ћ” symbol into the dictionary?  Maybe not in our lifetime; but for now, I’ll use it to save my thumb from the added aggravation of those extra characters!

To see a great article that takes you through Ћ process, from initial idea to final design, click here.  Or watch Paul be interviewed on The Morning Show. And even The Age loved the idea; read it here.

Ћ App was also featured in

BBCThe TelegraphTimeYahoo 7 The Sydney Morning Herald

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