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by Joe on July 10, 2014 in Android, App Development, Apple, Our Work

LoveLocked App

It’s said that LOVE is a master key to unlock the gateway of happiness. It is easy to love somebody with great depth and have a friend, lover, or loving family in our life that gives us happiness – but sometimes it becomes hard while it comes to tell someone how special he/she is.

Lovers are always looking for unique and impressive way through which they can express their love and commitment that will last for eternity. From drawing hearts in books and papers to carving initials on a tree, from serenade to love poem, lovers do it mostly when they are thinking of their crushes and soul mate.

Now, the lovers all over the world move towards new and profound way of expressing love. And, this is a Love Lock. Following an ancient custom, lovers carve their names or message on a padlock, lock it to a bridge, chain, fence, railing, gate to symbolize their everlasting love and throw away the key as part of a belief that their commitment for undying love can never be unlocked and their love will be everlasting.

You can see fences, poles, bridges adorned with padlocks elsewhere in the world, cities from Moscow to Rome. People find lots of places to lock their love locks, without much realization that it damages environment and property.

This is your time to be creative and make your friends and loved ones feel special.

Actually, one of our client showed their interest to build an app that would easily express your love and maintain a loving relationship. Hence, we built LoveLocked!

I think its great idea to create and send a beautiful and personalized lovelock to lock your love differently.

LoveLocked App
LoveLocked App
LoveLocked App

LoveLocked is a great app that enables you create unlimited personalized lovelocks for your loved ones to spice up your relations with them. It is the free mobile app for iOS and Android with 20 different theme styles. This great app lets users to personalize locks with its functionality and share them via Facebook or Twitter, or via e-mail. This is a cool way to show affection to your better half or friends.

It features various theme colors, different font styles and font colors to engrave names on the different locks. Once your love lock is sent, your image will be saved and displayed on personalized wall – it’s called ‘My Love Lock,’ just like lovelocks on Paris bridges or railings. While it’s Push Notifications feature provides convenience to get informed about the new LoveLocked images.

Download this LoveLocked app today and start sharing your love lock with your friends and lovers!

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