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by Joe on November 29, 2014 in Android

Android 5.0 Lolipop

No doubt all the APIs released with the new Android version Lolipop are helping android app developers in developing the android apps more easily and efficiently. Yes the new APIs have made list of android developers a bit tough and busy as now developers need to learn and understand about each of the library or at least search for the one that could work for their current in development android app. But it is just a onetime effort android developers need to put in and then use the knowledge for whole life time.

Mixed Reaction of Android Developers

Reactions of the android developers for this enormous stack of new APIs is a bit of mixed, few android developers like it and accept it with open arms and rest few didn’t appreciate it as they consider it as a burden to learn and understand about such large amount of new APIs for the task they are already doing with APIs with no issues. This later case is mostly with experienced android developers that were highly comfortable with android developing even without the APIs.

Android Developers liking Media APIs

No matter what majority of developers liked the media APIs released with Lolipop, new Android version. The primary reason for the huge acceptance of the media APIs by android developers is that most of the media tasks are hard to achieve. It take developers to put lost of efforts and analyse the problem if the app is not working as it should and the problem is in media part.

Media – Sessions and Media – Browser APIs

Two main media streaming APIs known as Media Session and Media Browser are released with new Lolipop. These APIs allow android developers to add functionality in their app such that users are able to browse the other apps media contents, android developers just need to use `` API for this. Thus these APIs allow android developers to integrate their new under development app with many other existing apps without any need of duplicating existing services and rather using the same user interfaces (Uis). The class Media Session in the new media API let android developers to easily handle media buttons and transport controls and also offer an effective single set of methods that can be call – backed.

Various Camera APIs with Offering of Raw Support

Images have large variety of formats, one of them is raw format, mostly this format is the favourite of photographers and that is because this format offers fewer artefacts, comparatively higher dynamic range and also good post processing flexibility than available in compressed PNG or JPG formats.

RAW formats are now available in android device cameras with the new APIs. Before Lolipop release RAW format was not available for android devices. The new APIs for camera also offer RAW_SENSOR image format and also support to write the RAW pixel received from RAW format into standard Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) format.

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