Mobile App vs. Mobile Web: A Great Battle

by Joe on November 16, 2014 in App Development

Mobile App & Web

It is exceedingly vital for businesses and industries to extend to all the target audience. And the finest way for doing so is to get your company or business on mobile devices. At the moment it is very significant for companies and businesses to have presence on mobile. However it is not clear to everybody is whether to build a mobile application or a mobile-friendly website. There are so many companies that attract potential audience using native mobile applications, whereas there are several others that develop mobile-based websites. Some of them are there that builds both. Principally, the decision depends entirely on several factors – your budget, your target audience, objective of your business as well as determining functionalities and features. Keep in mind; it is very significant to be acquainted with the difference between a mobile app and mobile website. Let discuss them in brief which is ti choose before contacting app development company

  • Accessibility – A mobile web application comprises specially formatted web pages to come into sight better on smart phones devices and tablets when accessed by means of the Internet browser. In contrast mobile websites make use of basic features such as maps and click to call features. Mobile applications are competent to be downloaded from app stores as well as installed in a smart phone device for use. The best constituent is that these can be accessed still in the nonexistence of the Internet connectivity on the smart phone device. Though, this will completely rely upon the features of applications.

  • Audience – Prior to selecting anyone, you must be familiar with the requirements of your audience. This would be extremely useful in determining the best for your company or business. Suppose a consumer is looking for a good quality restaurant in the region he is at this time present in, he would make use of the Internet. It will permit them to check reviews, menu, ratings, cost, discount coupons and reserve a table whilst still standing on the street. Studies have proved that customers generally use mobile browsers for searching, shopping and entertainment and mobile applications for managing data, doing productive works and playing interactive games.

Effectiveness of Mobile Applications

A mobile application assists in downloading or in reaching to particular location devoid of much surfing. Audience find mobile applications comfortable since they can save loads of time. Applications are installed through users in their smart phones devices. They can utilize the application without using their data or else subscription plans similar to a usual browsing session. With the aim of get in touch with a large cluster of users, mobile applications are developed for the many platforms accessible such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones and Android.

Effectiveness of Mobile Websites

Mobile websites can be accessed through the internet. With the use of a mobile browser, consumers of smart phones devices access the websites. These can perform as a compliment for your existing business website. On a business website, one can be redirect the mobile site, anytime the person using the mobile phone can have the site. Websites does not require any platform similar to iPhone, Android and the rest. They access the website via the browser on the mobile phone.

So, choosing between mobile app and mobile web is your decision, since both are useful in their own way. Per Square Media is a web and app development company better known for its best services.

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