Android One Steepen Opportunity for Android Developers

by Joe on September 25, 2014 in App Development

Opportunity for Android Developers

The Vice-President of Google’s Product Management team, Caesar Sengupta has been one of the crucial members of the Android One project. Recently in an interview he mentioned that Android One has brought new opportunities for Android app developers as this new Android version is made with providing much flexibility for developers. Android One took over a year to develop, and they shape it up for best user experience.

Apps will be Available Offline

The Play Store already has millions of apps that can work offline. But if we consider Google services, many are not offline available. Android One is a continue going program. Developers will enhance it and improve it more along with time, for different types of services. Just for instance now Google has train reservation, translation of languages from one to another and cricket scores apps.

Does Android One will Ingest Other Android

Whenever a new version of any application reach to market there are always two possibilities, one the newer will be loved by users or it will be totally discarded by them. In case of Android One, users are giving good response, and at the same time there is no cannibalization between Android and new Android one, because it is very similar to older Androids in terms of facilities, it is just an extension of Android. Android One has enable people to bring a rich-quality phone with lower price, knowing that everything is well and good at that phone, that is, fast, stable, doesn’t hang and secure. Basically Android One is a new program which provides users, best hardware and software combo possible that also at an affordable price. There is no compromise on quality even at low price.

Android One is not something very different from Android. It can be considered like a program by Google for users so that they can get and experience high quality mobile at an affordable price. That is why people are comparing it as an ISI mark on products. As ISI mark specifies high-quality of products, if user is using Android One, it will specify that they are getting rich-quality mobile experience. So with rich mobile experience, users of Android will no doubt, going to increase in fruiter, thus it will lead to good opportunities for developers to develop more and more app as now their users are also increasing. With increase in number of users, apps demand will also increase. Thus developers need to be innovative to provide effective apps to users.

It also provide constant update feature, which let users to update their software whenever a new version of any app releases. So users will be getting new feature now and then; and that’s also from Google. So now Android developers have opportunity to enhance features of existing apps along with developing new apps, so that, their creativity will reach to users directly.

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