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by Joe on November 27, 2014 in Apple

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The latest Swift is heir to the Objective-C and C languages. It comprises low-level primitives for instance types, operators, and flow control. It moreover provides object-oriented functionalities such as classes, generics and protocols, offering Cocoa and Cocoa Touch programmers the power and performance they demand. It can be plainly run and debugged within the app development environment, making use of a REPL that is read – eval – print loop, providing it interactive features more in common with the scripting competence of Python in comparison to traditional systems programming languages. Swift is getting more recognized among app developers; here we have discussed the reasons.

Following are some properties making Swift more popular:

Faster applications and concise iteration over a series or collection
Swift code is actually swift to execute. Apple says that it can be around 75% faster than language Objective-C, the major programming language utilized via Apple since the early 90’s. This could let the developers to build more multifarious, graphically rich applications.

Safety design

The Swift is having design, able to eradicate the whole category of unsafe code. Prior to use, each of the variables are initialized, integers and arrays checked for overflow as well as memory automatically handled. Syntax is attuned to flawlessly define the internet. It is safe patterns as well as proper handling cases where objects are void and also essential to the frameworks as a result using swift code makes it extremely easy.

Fast and powerful

Swift is created to be agile so as to provide accommodation, the ever growing demand for speed and power. Having high performance compilers, the software is updated into an optimized native code as well as adjusted employ the latest electronic hardware of Apple. The syntax and standard library have been adjusted to make use of this feature and simplifies writing of a code. You will be convinced that your app will run swiftly without any lag.

Fewer bugs

Swift is intended to catch coding bugs before they can convert it into the finishing product. This should boost productivity of developer, and develop more stable applications.

Interactive code editing

Swift arrives with ‘Playgrounds,’ that is interactive sandbox which offers a graphical preview of the way to code will work devoid of the need to compile an whole app first.


Type inference of Swift will save the programmers a ton of typing and also generics will lessen runtime errors by providing us strongly-typed assortments.

Moreover, Swift utilizes most of the times saving features such as displaying outputs in real time as well as instant feedback on errors. This sets aside developers from having to build huge amounts of code ahead of seeing the results. Apple app developers can moreover say goodbye to going through code line-by-line to locate tiny errors in code when a problem arises. These advantages will prove gainful for corporations and may swing more of the top innovators of IT industry to developing for Apple.

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