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by Joe on October 2, 2014 in Android

Tips to increase Android Mobile Apps Performance

No doubt every other person nowadays is using smartphones and therefore every other person is using enormous numbers android mobile apps. Even though many people are using mobile apps since log time, they don’t know about various different hidden features of different apps on different platforms. Here presenting few features of mobiles apps, that can be used every now and then.

Default ‘Power Saving’ Location Mode

Global Processing System (GPS) that comes by default in Android phones is a notorious power-sucker, but few versions of Android operating system like Android 4.4 Kit-Kat lets users to choose to sacrifice some of their location accuracy at the cost of extra battery life. In Power Saving mode, users’ does not lose location information rather their device use on networks (mostly WI-Fi) and all nearby cell towers to estimate their position. This will reduce drain on device’s battery.

Just for fun or testing, you can try it by activating ‘High Accuracy’ mode for using real GPS satellite information to determine where you are actually. But this will eat your battery quickly. Both options will be present under Settings – Locations.

Developer Mode

Well this mode is not just for developers, but also can be highly useful for any mobile geek. Developer options provide users the ability to limit background processes, access to simple and USB debugging, various fine grained tools like displaying a CPU usage overlay and many more. They can be enabled very easily just by visiting Settings –> About Device/ Phone. Search for the number somewhere at the bottom of the screen (scroll down to find) and tap that number for seven times. An alert message will display that the Developer options have been added to the Settings menu.

Find who is Consuming Most of the Memory

Once the Developer mode is turned on, it becomes very easy to delve into the device and its memory utilization, and that also on an app-by-app basis. Only you need to visit Settings –> Developers option –> then a process starts that will display a handy visual memory consumption of your device. This can be very helpful especially in case if someone’s Android device seems sluggish.

Instant Speed Boost Up

Android developers are trying to serve a new feature for android users that will provide users to replace the older Dalvik runtime, which is being used by all currently existing Android devices. The new feature which they want to serve is known as runtime ART. It can be considered as just a general performance enhancement for about every Android app.

Hence, today we came to know an amazing but useful thing about Android mobile apps that attributes can actually help to get more out of your smartphone. So stay tuned with our daily updated Per Square Media blogs to gain your knowledge and grow your skills.

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