Birth Announcement for you to share!

by Joe on March 13, 2014 in Android, Our Work

New Baby 101

Birth Announcement for you to share!

Sharing post from our client Lois

It is with great pride I announce the birth of NEW BABY 101 twins (one App and one EBook) today!

Conceived in my motherboard and nurtured by Amy’s placental lifeline, NEW BABY 101 has developed mysteriously and beautifully in the womb of Per Square Media for the past 10 months – yes, post-dates! New Baby 101 has been safely delivered into cyber-world’s App and eBook Nursery thanks to midwives Grandpa Google and Auntie Apple. Grandpa Google has got his head around it, Aunty Apple is still processing the birth (paperwork!!) and will join in the welcoming party very soon.

In the meantime Grandpa Google is in full swing wetting the babies’ heads at Google Play Store, and has listed New Baby 101 EBook at a special introductory price which won’t last long! Thank you to all my friends and followers who have been patiently awaiting this birth. You can now share our joy and download New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents today! Blessings, Lois PS – All well, but exhausted! J J

Download eBook – New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents: Includes 5 Free Videos!

Download New Baby 101 Android App.

New Baby 101 iPhone coming soon!


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