Android App Market – Overview and Its Segregating Features

by Joe on September 30, 2014 in Android

Open Source Android App Market

The use of smartphone based on Android has increased extremely well with time and at present boasts of an unbelievable number of apps. The market is rising at the rate of 32 % every month and there is no end to the figure of smart phones that are coming in the marketplace associated to every price range which provides the users a great number of choices. Android is open source and for this reason there are many app developers who are concerned in developing ground-breaking apps.

Android provides an open market place for developers as well, who build third party applications and they are permitted to publish and rate as well. Android application development can be done by means of any platform: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Cloud based service integration and its allied applications have industries that control IT to spread out their operations. Mobile applications have pulled out the overall reach and location based applications can simply find out the location of the cell phone as well as the client through GPS. It is stated that in the future the phones based on Android will be utilized as smart cards to swipe and withdraw cash. E-commerce corporations are intending to leverage this feature on smart phones and in order that they can simply catch the attention of people for easy sales. It would moreover make shopping effortless and enjoyable for all.

Android is all the time in demand and the field of mobile app development space consists of many further players. However, Android is very well-liked because of its user-friendly SDK ( Software Development Kit ), Location-based feature, Android Media APIs and Wi-Fi feature.

Following are various mobile app development services offered by Android developers:

  • Web-based application development
  • Java application development
  • Android games development
  • Mobile business application development
  • Application development based on Multimedia
  • Enterprise Security cell phone app solutions
  • Communication application development
  • Design and development of Utility application
  • Custom Android applications and domain-based applications
  • QA services for Android projects
  • Feature-based application development akin to GPS-based and Wi-Fi based applications

Subsequent are some of the prominent features of Android OS:

Android is competent Run Multiple Applications at any certain point of time. Android customers gain greatly from their feature and therefore one can listen to song or even record GPS data at the same time.

Information is kept to be seen on the Home Screen. Android is comprised with a customizable home screen with vigorous widgets without any app launch required.

Android has attained a whopping figure of applications in the Android Market that gives enormous prospective for the user to leverage a smart phone’s features. The marketplace is entirely open for budding developers to bring in innovative application.

Android assists you pick your carrier as well as a smartphone on a budget.

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