What Amazon Fire Mean for App Developers? – Things to Know

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 Amazon Fire Mean for App Developers

The world is being modern day by day and its our way of living. To meet the demands of the modern shopper, it seems that the online megastore – Amazon is trying to be the company that sell everything you want to consume. With great and highly rated market place, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV are such other business sectors where Amazon leads. And now, it has stepped in the mobile industry with its first ever phone. A phone is little more than a store.

And, its so creepy about this whole thing is that it is designed to sell you everything. Most amazing is that it comes with Amazon’s own Android Operating system – Fire OS 3.5.0. It is schedule to ship on 25th July 2014 with $199 price tag. This smartphone has certain features that most of the smart phones lack in. This makes it interesting for the app developers to know why they should develop apps for this new invention.

Amazon Fire

Specialities of Amazon Fire:

1) Dynamic Perspective: The smartphone’s sensor system responds to the way you touch, hold or move your phone. This makes it easy to view the documents, mails irrespective of how you hold it. For quick and easy access to the useful information available in different menus or shortcuts, one handed tools say tilt, swivel or peek can be used.

  • a) Tilt is used for panels that can be used to navigate among the menus and submenus and access useful information or use shortcuts to attach images to an email, or read a small document respectively with left and right panels.
  • b) Swivel: It is used to get important notifications on the go. With this, your business can be easily managed.
  • c) Peek: It avoids messing your screen by showing the things only when they are needed.

Along with this, it has an important feature known as auto scroll with which you can easily go through long web pages or read entire books without scrolling long pages or touching your screen.

For developers, it offers Dynamic Perspective SDK that can be used to develop such apps for other Amazon devices as well.

Next, most useful feature is:

2) Fire Fly Technology: A new technology available with Amazon Fire that easily stores text, contact numbers without typing them. For example, you are reading an advert and are interested to contact the person. So, if you have any other smart phone then you will have to type the address, number and then save them manually to your contact lists.

  • a) Easily saves contact numbers, long addresses: While Fire Fly Technology, easily recognizes printed posters, magazines and just with a press of a button those numbers and addresses are saved in your contact list. This is very interesting as it saves time and you can have the error free details.
  • b) Movies, TV Channels : Apart from contacts, Amazon’s Fire fly technology also excels in recognizing more than 2,40,000 movies and TV episodes as well as 150+ TV channels that you can view easily as and when needed.
  • c) Music : Music Lovers will strongly prefer this as the in- built features such as iHeart Radio and Stub hub developed with Fire Fly can create a separate radio station based on the artist you like the most or even can book tickets for their next show.
  • d) Easy Shopping : Inbuilt Amazon apps to shop online for various products such as books, CDs , Videos, DVDs and more, choose the product, add to your watch list and order when needed. Shopping was never so easy!!!

Fire FLY SDK is available for developers to create or alter apps for existing Amazon devices.

The most important feature that is strongly recommended and is must to maintain good customer base: Customer Support, an award winning customer service from Amazon comes in the form of a small button that directs you to their support team for any kind of assistance in just 15 seconds or less.

3) MAYDAY: This first ever smartphone with first ever customer support app that connects the users to its 24/7 customer support team. Press a button and you will get assistance from an Amazon expert via live video. These experts can assist the users by showing them the things to be done, everything is explained online and if customers are unable to do so, then experts themselves can also do it for them. We can see them assisting us however they won’t be able to see us.

  • a) Time Frame: Within a time frame of just 15 seconds or less, they can assist on anything we need related to Amazon Fire.
  • b) Accessible on AT&T cellular Network: Sometimes, there may be issues with WI-Fi. So, will you be able to access this app? Yes absolutely, Mayday is also easily accessible via AT&T cellular network 24/7, 365 days a year. Based on your network charges, normal data charges will be applicable.

Really interesting and helpful app!!!

4) Advanced Camera System: Amazon fire has 13MP camera with multi-functionalities such as optical image stabilization where shutter remains open up to four times longer to get attractive pictures even in dim lights.

  • a) Automatic Cloud drive back up: If you have an Amazon account and are using cloud drive, so with Amazon fire all the images from your current account can be easily stored and accessed anytime on any of the Amazon devices including fire phone.
  • b) Dedicated Camera button: Got a lovely moment to catch? Don’t think just touch the camera button and you are done. Catch all lovely moments within a wink of an eye.

In addition to these features, Amazon fire is loaded with enormous in built android apps and Amazon general app store having various favourite apps. These include messaging, chat, silk browser; calendar, clock, Amazon shop, games, audio books, Amazon music, Amazon Kindle, Maps, Weather, Calculator, Amazon app store and more.

With a single phone, you can do multiple tasks at a time. Moreover, Fire phone’s operating system is very user friendly with its various utilities such as in built media libraries, updates to latest version for smooth working, carry out business on the go, review your presentations, documents, reply to emails, Instant messaging and much more with its dynamic perspective.

You can also check the currently active apps by just tapping the home button twice. Systemize the data into folders to access them easily when needed. It also offers various accessibility options for visually impaired people such as screen reader, screen magnifier etc.

Why Developer Put Amazon Fire Phone Apps on Appstore?

Considering the features and the useful apps available in Amazon Fire, Amazon apps can be developed. However, in the beginning it will have fewer users as compared to Google play and apple app store. Currently, it has about 240,000 apps. That’s good – if you’re an app developer; because you will get a lot of room to grow with the Amazon world that definitely has a bright future. Apps developers get ready to tackle.

Reportedly, the Amazon will pay 500,000 coins per app optimized for Fire Phone. Of course, on submission of qualifying app to the appstore the developer will receive coins that equivalent to $5,000 in the form of tax-free Amazon Coins plus incentives for customers who purchase their app or in-app-purchases. This earned digital currency can be used to buy stuff in Amazon’s Appstore.

Noticeably, Amazon is going to enter the smartphone world while the fragmentation is at an all time high. So it might be good to step-up and increase the workload for developers seeking to launch their app. That’s great opportunity for developers to add their app that plays well with Fire Phone. It is opportunity to enable experiences that blend realistic visuals and bring new depth that customers can want to do on a phone.

Now, it’s time to submit your own immersive apps!

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