Updated Guidelines for Android App Developers from Google

by Joe December 1, 2014 App Development
Android App Developers

Android 5.0 Lollipop is practically here, and that implies more developers are (assuredly) get ready for the greatest changes to Android yet overhauling their own particular applications to better fit Google’s new look. While I for one enjoyed Holo a lot, it set aside quite a while for some application […]

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A view at- Cross-platform SmartPhone App Development

by Joe November 30, 2014 App Development
SmartPhone App Development

We can see in this network world cross platform is playing conjunctive role in the field of smart phone app development. It has gained an enormous importance in the times when natives yearn for online existence and mobility drives the traditions of communication. Mobile app developers are having a great […]

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Media APIs with Lolipop – Handy for Android Developers

by Joe November 29, 2014 Android
Android 5.0 Lolipop

No doubt all the APIs released with the new Android version Lolipop are helping android app developers in developing the android apps more easily and efficiently. Yes the new APIs have made list of android developers a bit tough and busy as now developers need to learn and understand about […]

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Basic Myths of Mobile Application Development

by Joe November 28, 2014 App Development
Mobile Application Development

Since app development is a craze now, hence it is obvious having any misconceptions and myths among most of the people. Here we have discussed several basic myths that usually arrive in the mind of clients, app developers usually converse. Myth #1 Most of the people think that app can […]

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Swift: Getting More Recognition

by Joe November 27, 2014 Apple
App Developers

The latest Swift is heir to the Objective-C and C languages. It comprises low-level primitives for instance types, operators, and flow control. It moreover provides object-oriented functionalities such as classes, generics and protocols, offering Cocoa and Cocoa Touch programmers the power and performance they demand. It can be plainly run […]

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Challenge of iPhone 6 and 6 plus App Development

by Joe November 26, 2014 Apple
iPhone App Development

Whether you are at the moment involved in mobile phone marketing or operating a business, the entire sequence of hiring iPhone developers is directed to be quite challenging. It is an extra involving job. It grabs attention from minor and major aspects of iPhone development. The wait was lastly ovary […]

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Judging the Right iPhone App Development Firm

by Joe November 25, 2014 App Development
 iPhone App Development

Selecting iPhone app developers in the companies can be a very tedious task. It is essential that you prefer to hire a firm that has a strong understanding of the app marketplace as a whole. You will desire the app programmer that you hire to be acquainted regarding porting to […]

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iOS App Developers are the Essential Resource for the Business and Market

by Joe November 24, 2014 App Development
IOS Apps

Nowadays technology advancement is taking place at very fast rate and also globalization of the world; and such advancements and rapid globalization helps the mobile technology to hog the limelight in the realm of communication. IOS developers develop the apps make users to use it and make them popular through […]

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Roles of App Developer in the world

by Joe November 23, 2014 App Development
Roles of App Developer

App developers are leading the world in all the section of the society. When the developers develop an app that means they have contributed in welfare for the society. Every developer creates the apps for the welfare and wellness of the society. Nowadays there are so many app in the […]

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Enhance Your Business though appealing iOS Apps

by Joe November 22, 2014 Apple
iOS Apps

The iPhone programmers are the best IOS developers. iOS apps are having best and appealing functionalities to get your business move ahead in the field. Here we have discussed some of the good aspects of iOS apps: Easy consumer relationships Both iPad and iPhone apps are the grand way for […]

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